At the Inn on Balaban you'll discover the dramatic and calming beauty of Transylvanian mountainscapes. Walk novice or expert trails from the Inn's doorstep or visit the nearby Bran Castle that became a country home to Queen Marie during the Inter-War years. Forty-five minutes away are the ski trails of Poiana Brasov and the restored city sites of ‘Saxon’ Brasov/Kronstadt. Closer yet, explore the 13th-century village citadel of Rasnov/Rosenau that endured repeated invasions over its long history.
From its splendid hilltop location, you’ll enjoy the Inn’s local home cooking, the best of Romanian wines, and television-free quiet (
wi-fi is available).
In the Inn’s three hand-crafted houses, antique furniture, traditional elegant peasant-styled architecture, and local folklore take you back to the heart of 'old' Romania.

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ANTREC Gold Medal Award for Best Traditional Inn in Romania - Construction details
Photo top © Stefanie Moser; Photo below © Kyle Brandse