At the Inn on Balaban you'll discover Transylvania's dramatic and calming mountainscape beauty.
Walk novice or expert trails from the Inn's doorstep or visit the nearby Bran Castle that became a country home to Queen Marie during the Inter-War years.

Forty-five minutes away are the ski trails of Poiana Brasov and the restored city sites of ‘Saxon’ Brasov/Kronstadt. Closer yet, explore the 13th-century village citadel of Rasnov/Rosenau that endured repeated invasions over its long history.

From its splendid hilltop location, you’ll enjoy the Inn’s local home cooking, the best of Romanian wines, and television-free quiet (
wi-fi is available).

In the Inn’s three hand-crafted houses, antique furniture, traditional elegant peasant-styled architecture, and local folklore take you back to the heart of 'old' Romania.

A Balaban inspired poem written by poet Ioana Ireonim

Photo top © Stefanie Moser
Interior photo © Kyle Brandse
[By arrangement]

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Bucharest / Sibiu

Video: Construction of the Inn

Video: Building of a traditional outdoor 'gratar' (grill)

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Article and photos
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